Mounted hose reeler

Front mounted hose reeler

Sullivans Engineering offer 3 sizes of front mounted hose reelers capable of carrying 200 metre, 400 metre or  600 metres off pipe. 

All front mounted reelers come standard with 3pt linkage fittings but can also be offered as part of a quick attach/ detach A-frame system. All reels now come as standard fully galvanized giving a longer life. Reel divides can be taken out or fitted depending on the users needs.

Sullivans Engineering offer a wide range of mounted reels for both front and back applications.

Back mounted hose reeler

Sullivans Engineering offer 3 sizes of back mounted hose reelers capable of carrying 600 metre, 800 metre or  1000 metres off pipe.


Sullivans Engineering Back reeling system is a compact and simple to use system. The spreader plate folds round 90 degrees when not in use, hence no wasted space on the reel and at the same time improving the balance of weight on the tractor. The Sullivans Engineering front and back reelers are also interchangeable. 


This unique design keeps the centre point of the reel close to the back of the tractor hence greatly increasing the stability of the tractor, especially in road use. 


Features include:

  • Fully galvanized

  • Detachable reel

  • Compact design

  • No wasted space on reel due to spread plate

  • Heavy duty design

Pump & hose

Sullivans Engineering now supply a range of pumps, hose and all other parts such as motors, relief valves, spread plates, swivel joints, sprockets, hydraulic gate valves and much more at very competitive rates please give us a call for more information and prices.